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16 Core Optical Distribution Box HY-70112

Indoor Single Splice Protection Housing box,FTTH solutions, Fiber terminal box,Fiber patch panel. Fiber splice.China fiber telecom manufacturer. Benefits: Protects splicing point between cables Improves cable tension Improves durability Easy installation Re-usable single splice protection...

     16 Core Optical Distribution Box, FTTH solutions, Fiber terminal box, Fiber patch panel. Fiber splice.China fiber telecom manufacturer.

      16 Core Optical Distribution Box is designed to combine fiber tray with flap, it will be more practical.It is applicable for uncut cable, Compact and flexible in whole parts, simple in structure, easy in operation.which is also quite convenient in operation and wide in use.


  • ABS material used ensures the body strong and light.

  • Water-proof design for outdoor uses.

  • Easy installations: Ready for wall mount – installation kits provided.

  • Adapter slots used – No screws and tools needed for installing adapters.

  • Ready for splitters: designed space for adding splitters.

  • Space saving! Double-layer design for easier installation and maintenances:

  • Lower layer for splitters and over length fiber storage.

  • Upper layer for splicing, cross-connecting, and fiber distribution.

  • Cable fixing units provided for fixing the outdoor optical cable.

  • Protection Level: IP65.

  • Accommodates both cable glands as well as tie-wraps

  • Lock provided for extra security 

FTTH Distribution box

Fiber Box

Fiber Optic box

  Fiber optic distributions box Application

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