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3M Modular Splicing System.Splice module instruction

    Hongyi Telecom provide MS2 Modular Splicing System, including splicing modules, tools and applications. Applications are shown with dry modules only.

Splicing module3M modular Splicing system

MS2 modules will:

• Connect and cut off up to 25 pairs of conductors from both the CO and field at one time, without the

craftsperson having to strip insulation.

• Accept 22-28 AWG (0.6 - 0.32 mm) solid copper conductors insulated with PIC, pulp or paper with a

maximum insulation O.D. of .065" (1.7 mm), G module series .053" (1.35 mm).

• Accept a mixture of wire gauges and insulation types in one module.

MS2 modules have:

• Individual elements

• Individual cutoff blades

• Test entry ports

• Removable covers and bases for reentry

Super-Mini  MS2 Super Mini Test Module 4000D/TR

Super-Mini  MS2 Super Mini Test Module 4000D/TR

MS2 Super Mate Pluggable Module 4005-DPM/TR

MS2 Super Mate Pluggable Module 4005-DPM/TR

Half-Tapping MS2 Super Mini Half-Tap Module  4008 D/TR\

Half-Tapping MS2 Super Mini Half-Tap Module  4008 D/TR

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