6089 1 102-02 Krone LSA-PLUS Series 2 Module

- Oct 11, 2017 -

   KRONE LSA-PLUS stands for a technically and economically superior quick connection system for all modern communication networks. 

L (no solder) 

S (no use of screw) 

A (no wire stripping)                                                    

P (cost-effective)

L (easy to use) 

U (universal application) 

S (secure and fast connection system) 

     The LSA-PLUS System, with the LSA-PLUS contact as its smallest functional element, is used for connecting, disconnecting, switching and earthing connections in telecommunications and data applications. The patented LSA-PLUS contact as a special feature of the system ensures the highest degree of contact safety under the most severe conditions even after years of use. A durable, gas tight connection is formed between contact and wire - resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress. These connections are made with a single action, with an audible indication, using the LSA-PLUS insertion tool.

    The KRONE LSA-PLUS contacts always function according to the same basic principle irrespective of the type of module used. Using the LSA-PLUS insertion tool S, the plastic insultated copper or jumper wires (4) are pressed into the contact slot (2) between the contact jaws (3), these being arranged at a 45° angle to the axis of the wire. The contact jaws open in axial direction while at the same time twisting, cutting through the insulation of the wires and notching the conductor at obliquely opposite points. The twisting of the contacts together with constant torsion and return force pressures (5, 6) of the contact jaws create two gas tight contact surfaces. The plastic clamping ribs (1) which are moulded into the guide slot of the modules provide additional protection of the contact points against shock and tensile forces. The insulation and conductor are firmly gripped by these plastic clamping ribs preventing any movement of the connection in the contact area. A correct connection is signalled by an audiable “click” of the LSA-PLUS insertion tool. In the course of the same action, the LSA-PLUS insertion tool trims the wire to the correct length after connection.

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