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connection module for cat 7 keystone

 Category 7 connection modules can be used as connections or extensions of commercially available shielded or unshielded twisted-pair cables. By using the modules, cable segments in a structured cabling system do not have to be re-installed, reducing alteration expenses.

Depending upon module type chosen, Telegartner says up to 12 incoming and 12 outgoing 8-wire cables can be permanently connected together without significant reduction in transmission characteristics or limitations on maximum link lengths.

Features include: connection with LSA Plus terminals on a common PCB; color coding in accordance with EIA/TIA 568-A and 568-B; connection of 4-pair shielded or unshielded installation cables, from 22 to 24 AWG; secure shield contact via screw-on terminals directly on the PCB; separate cable strain relief via cable ties; variable cable feeds; EMC compatibility in accordance with EN 50081-2 and 50082-2.

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