Polarization maintaining fiber

- Jul 12, 2017 -

Polarization fiber: 

     polarized fiber transmission line polarized light, widely used in aerospace, aviation, navigation, industrial manufacturing technology and communications and other areas of the national economy. In the interference-based optical fiber sensor based on optical coherence detection, the polarization-maintaining fiber can be used to ensure the linear polarization direction and improve the coherence ratio to achieve high-precision measurement of the physical quantity. Polarization fiber as a special fiber, mainly used in fiber optic gyroscope, fiber optic hydrophone and other sensors and DWDM, EDFA and other optical fiber communication systems. As the fiber optic gyroscope and fiber optic hydrophones and other can be used for military inertial navigation and sonar, are high-tech products, and polarization-maintaining fiber is its core components, and thus polarized fiber has been the Western developed countries included in the list of my embargo. In the process of drawing, the structural defects caused by the internal defects in the fiber can cause the drop-off performance, that is, when the linearly polarized light is transmitted along a characteristic axis of the fiber, part of the optical signal will be coupled into another perpendicular Which is the result of the birefringence effect in the fiber, the stronger the birefringence effect in the polarization maintaining fiber, the shorter the wavelength and the better the polarization state of the transmitted light. The Application and Future Development of Polarization Fiber Polarization-maintaining fiber in the next few years will have a larger market demand. 

      With the rapid development of the world's new technology and the continuous development of new products, polarization-maintaining fiber will be in the following directions

(1) the use of new technology of photonic crystal fiber manufacturing new high-performance polarization maintaining fiber; (2) the development of temperature adaptive polarization-maintaining fiber to meet the requirements of aerospace and other areas of the environment; (3) to develop a variety of rare earth doped polarized fiber to meet the needs of optical amplifier and other device applications; (4) the development of fluoride polarization maintaining fiber, to promote fiber optical interference technology in the field of infrared astronomy technology development; (5) Low attenuation polarization maintaining fiber: With the continuous improvement of single-mode fiber technology, loss, material dispersion and waveguide dispersion is no longer the main factor affecting optical fiber communication, single-mode fiber polarization mode dispersion (PMD) gradually become a limit The most serious bottleneck in the quality of optical fiber communication is particularly outstanding in high-speed optical fiber communication systems at 10 Gbit / s and above. (6) The use of Kerr effect and Faraday rotation effect to produce polarized light devices.

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