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Tyco C5C Magazine blocks, C5C terminal magazines solution

    The Tyco-C5C system is a high-density connection block product range used for main distribution frames in exchanges and cross connect cabinets in the outside plant, and in Building Entrance Terminals, as well as in any Commercial Building CAT 5 or CAT 5 cabling system.

    C5C Magazine Connections are made using a unique IDC (insulation displacement contact) to provide a highly reliable connection designed to meet stringent PTT and military electrical and mechanical requirements in a broad range of environmental conditions, including highly humid and salt fog outside plant atmospheres.

      C5C Terminations are made by simply laying the wire over the contact and punching it into the IDC using the manual installation tool. The wire is cut by the contact, not the tool, avoiding the problem of tool blunting which occurs with other systems.

      During wire removal, each wire pulls out cleanly, leaving no wire residue in the contact.The design is suitable for analogue, digital and data applications up to and including CAT 5

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