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Alibaba Intends To Build A Second Data Network Center In London Or Sweden

According to foreign latest technology news reports, China's electricity technology giant Gibbas will set up a second data center in Europe, and has now started the site work, and the final address may be located in London, England or in the Sweden.

At present, Ali cloud computing has become one of the company's fastest growing business, in the latest quarter of revenue doubled. But according to Ali, deputy director of international government and public affairs, the company is currently "in Europe, (we) is really a weak area, very weak!" Therefore, they will be in Europe to establish a data center. "We have to figure out what's going to be the best strategy here," Rowling said. In addition, she also revealed that Alibaba has been in Europe for the establishment of the second data center to start the location of the site, and the largest potential site to include the British London and Sweden cities.

The report also pointed out that Alibaba is currently investing billions of dollars in global competition for talent and the establishment of data centers to facilitate its better with Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other cloud services to compete.

According to statistics, Alibaba is currently around the world have multiple data centers, but in Europe, only the German Frankfurt data center, although the data center has now reached the T3 + level, but still difficult to meet the needs of the European market

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