Huawei Officially Releases 400G Optical Network Commercial Solution At OFC2018

- Mar 15, 2018 -

At the 43rd US Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition and Symposium (OFC 2018), Huawei officially released a new 400G optical network commercial solution to support the rapid deployment of 400G networks in the operator's full-service scenario. This solution is based on Huawei's latest self-developed oDSP chip, and its transmission performance has been greatly improved compared to the industry. It also supports single-wave 100G~400G rate adjustment, adjustable bandwidth, and a variety of flexible configuration schemes that can effectively adapt to the operator's network. A variety of service scenarios help operators quickly deploy 400G networks based on existing networks.

   From the perspective of the development of the global optical network industry, the current single-wave 400G transmission capability is close to the theoretical limit. The 400G high-speed transmission solution is temporarily limited by the transmission performance and transmission distance, and the commercial application scenario is relatively limited.

   Huawei’s 400G optical network commercial solution announced this time is based on a commercial scenario. It optimizes high-speed transmission signals such as segmentation, shaping, and compression. It balances the limitations of theoretical limits and the demands of commercial applications to achieve theoretical limits. Optimal transmission performance to meet the needs of a variety of business scenarios.

   For access, metro and data center interconnection scenarios, the transmission distance is short, the bandwidth requirement is large, and the optical fiber resources are relatively scarce. The single-wave 400G technology solution can provide the largest transmission bandwidth and the highest spectrum efficiency with the simplest configuration. Effectively reduce transmission costs. At the same time, Huawei's single-wave 400G technology is equipped with industry-leading error correction coding and signal equalization algorithms, which can increase single-wave 400G transmission performance by 50% and effectively meet the transmission requirements of single-span/multi-span models under different optical fibers.

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