SIRO And Huawei Sign Fiber Broadband Contract Total 25 Million EUR

- Nov 14, 2017 -

11/14/2017, Ireland's leading operator SIRO announced that it has signed a contract worth 25 million euros with Huawei for the development of fiber optic broadband in Ireland. The first phase of the project will select 50 cities and towns to complete fiber optic broadband deployment and Huawei will provide SIRO with end-to-end network equipment. At the recent UBBF 2017 in Hangzhou, SIRO CEO Sean Atkinson delivered the keynote address "SIRO Lighting Ireland" and announced the new contract.

   Huawei's fiber optic broadband technology can meet the broadband needs in Ireland for decades and beyond. The cooperation between the two parties will continue from the pilot project of the first project in 2015 in the city of Cavan. At present, Huawei provides SIRO with active communication equipment to help it complete the first phase of building 500,000 sites. In addition, Huawei also helped SIRO deploy fiber optic networks in the city of Athlone for 8,000 households and businesses.

    Sean Atkinson said: "We are committed to offering 100% fiber optic broadband to Irish town dwellers and merchants and a significant milestone for SIRO's new contract with Huawei, based on over 100,000 network coverage and encouraging high subscriber base SIRO will be able to meet the 21st century Internet connection needs of Irish residents and businesses, and Huawei's technological innovation will effectively support our ultra high-speed broadband access service. 


     Through the existing network of Irish utility companies, SIRO is laying fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) along with existing power connections and is capable of uploading and downloading up to 1 Gbit / s. A 4G-size HD movie takes an hour to download at 10Mbit / s, and using a broadband network provided by SIRO, it can be downloaded in about 30 seconds.

    SIRO provides open access to Irish telecommunications service providers and has partnered with Vodafone, Digiweb, BT, ENet, Carnsore Broadband, Skytel and Westnet. In the future, SIRO will attract more telecom service providers to join in order to enhance its competitiveness in the broadband wholesale market.

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