Top Five Worldwide Operators Announce NB-IoT Business Package: Successfully Unlocked IoT Business Model

- Jan 16, 2018 -

In 2017, the telecom industry will have 5G and the Internet of Things strongest. Different from the concept of speculation, the development of 5G and the Internet of Things is a step by step approach. Moreover, the business model of the Internet of Things is also unprecedented and brings real value to the industry chain.

Among many IoT technologies, NB-IoT is the most compelling one. Today, the NB-IoT business model in the groping. China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, and T-Mobile also released their own NB-IoT business packages from the time when China Telecom released the world's first NB-IoT business package so far. So far, there are already five major carriers in the world that have released the NB-IoT business plan.

NB-IoT business model has been widely recognized by the industry, the industry chain has also been a real benefit, NB-IoT business packages for the first mover advantage for the Internet of Things business model to explore a viable path for The future more IoT technology provides a reference for business.

Connect to create value

2017 was the first commercial year of NB-IoT. Driven by government policies, capital, and technology, 2017 saw the formation of an NB-IoT hotline and the operator's NB-IoT business package was also released.

China Telecom is the first operator in the world to launch an NB-IoT business package and can be said to be a landmark event in NB-IoT's history. It is reported that China Unicom's package tariffs are divided into connection service fees and high-frequency function fees. Can be easily understood as connection costs = a total number of telecom NB-loT connections * per NB-loT connection unit price. China Telecom launched NB-loT package charging mode reflects the value of the connection, abandoned in the NB-loT low-value traffic charging mode, a unique precedent.

At the China Mobile Global Partner Conference held in November 2017, China Mobile also debuted its NB-IoT package tariff for the first time, introducing a simple and affordable annual subscription fee which includes the second tranche of $ 20 and $ 40 but with more specific tariff details Not yet released.

Netcom China Unicom also launched NB-IoT tariff package, the tariff set two ways to use: VPDN directional traffic and Internet traffic (ie: general traffic), the two methods of different rates. A single "connection" by the monthly flow charges, set a total of 3 files monthly total flow package, in excess of the flow part of the "foreign package fee" to billing. Charges package also includes 1 yuan per month, "platform fee."

Deutsche Telekom launched NB-IoT business packages, divided into two tranches: NB-IoT Access (NB-IoT access). This is a simplified NB-IoT device connection package starting at € 199 which includes 25 SIM cards for 6 months and 500kB for each SIM card. Value-added services Optional: Private APN (encrypted with IPsec keys). NB-IoT Access & Cloud of Things is a more integrated NB-IoT product connectivity package that includes Deutsche Telekom's Cloud of Things platform. Starting with a starting price of € 299, this package includes an addition to the service of NB-IoT Access packages, as well as an access to Deutsche Telekom's IoT cloud platform for device and data management.

On January 10, 2018, T-Mobile introduced the first NB-IoT tariff package in the United States at a rate of 6 US $ per year (about RMB 39), 10 single-package transmissions per hour (up to 64kbps), and annual traffic caps Is 12MB. T-Mobile pointed out that the package is conducive to NB-IoT in asset tracking, smart city, and smart agriculture and other fields have been applied.

These packages vary in form, but both bypass the two key points of traffic and number of connections. Horizontal comparison, China's three major operators of NB-IoT packages far less than the cost of T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom. Longitudinal comparison, low-cost is not the only selling point to attract users, China Telecom in the NB-IoT, ahead of the other two major domestic carriers, the optional package more mode, more attractive。

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