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About us

Dowell is a leader manufacturer supporting our customers with flexible, end-to-end copper telecom and fiber optic connectivity physical infrastructure solutions that we can help your businesses stay connected in a global world.Our high-performance products improve productivity and offer a lower total cost of ownership to create a competitive business advantage.With operations in more than 50 countries ,Nexway ensures the success of our customers with the broadest range of physical infrastructure solutions and products for data centers,enterprise, industrial automation, OEM,ODM, and industrial construction applications.

What We Do

Copper Telecom Products:

Tyco Series: STB  Modules and STB Box, Drop Wire Modules, STUB Module and Terminal Box.

LSA Series: LSA Modules, Distribution Boxes,High-speed Modules and Telecom Accessories.

3M Series: Pouyet STG2000 Modules,QCS Cross Conenction Module,DP boxes and Tools.

Fiber Optic Products:

Optic Connector,Optic Patch Cords,Optic Patch Panels, Optic Terminal Boxes,Pigtails,

Fiber Adapters,Fiber Optic Cabinets,Fiber Closures and FTTH Accessories.

Aerial Drop Hardwar:

Drop Wire Clamps,Draw Hooks,Stainless Steel Strap, Buckle and                                                                                 FTTH Clamps,Cable Ties.

Telecom and Optic Tools:

Pouyet Insert Tools, SID Tools,Ericsson Tools,Crimping Tools,ZTE                                                                               Tools,Huawei Tools, QDF Tools,C5C Tools,Cable Stripper,Siemens                                                                               Tools, 110 Punch Tools etc.

A Trusted Supplier

For more than 15 years, Dowell has engineered and manufactured copper telecom and fiber optic solutions that help our customers manage their physical infrastructure. Through our commitment to innovation,quality, and service, creates competitive advantages to earn customer preference.



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